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New Blog

Shh, don't tell the family about this one, its secret. A place I can chill with friends. But here is my other blog, moved from WillowGreen, where family can go and where I will get political.


come say hi, just don't tell the family that you know me here.
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Don't Tell The Cat

But the Monkey is going to hypnotize her.
To do what? I have no idea, and so far, as you can imagine, swinging a string in front of a cat while dramatically uttering "you are getting sleepy" leads to this admonishment from the Monkey to the cat.

(she also wants to know how long it takes till Dina the Cat goes to sleep...When do I tell her? I'm having too much fun listening in the background.)

if she succeeds I'll let you all know and then sell tickets.
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When Did You Forget How To Fly?

My daughter and I were talking the other day and something she said reminded me of the time when I could fly.* (see note at end)

Not when I would pretend to fly, running back and forth and pretending. I mean when the wind tickled me just so, when the air was full of a scent to sutble to described, when my heart lept and beat swiftly in my heart and I knew...I knew...that I was just one step from sprouting wings and taking off into the air.

The ground fell behind me, and I was up in the clouds, free from constraint. There was nothing to fear; acrophobias fell away with the ground. There, high in the sky I was safe from all. I never needed to land in a tree or come down for a rest; my wings were strong, I was indefatigable. I fly wherever I liked for however long I liked.

Eventually of course I came down. Back on earth, staid and steady. And evenutually the feeling that I could fly left me.

At least most of the time.

But sometimes still that child in me knows---or perhaps the real me inside knows....I am only one step away from flying. Concentrate just right and I will take off, and gain the sky.

I have to wonder if the evolutionist haven't got it wrong. We weren't sea-born creatures; we come from the air; we were birds who lost the ability to fly.

*(Robert McCammon, in his book Boy's Life has a stick in your mind forever scene in his book about flying. I love and highly recommend the book. It works on so many different levels, and is quite beautiful.
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It's A Date!

The Monkey is all ready for bed; bedtime snack eaten, teeth brushed, bathroom visited, in her jammies. We curl up together, warm and cozy beneath the blankets, snuggled up together, and for the last week, follow the ventures of Alice in Wonderland, chapter by chapter.

I must have read Alice in Wonderland ten times since I have first followed her down the rabbit hole, yet I still love the tale. What will happen to Alice next? I know, of course, but Carroll's words are so wonderfuly construed that the question always comes up. The Monkey is as excited as I am; ONE MORE CHAPTER? PLEASE!!!

I often must hold myself off from saying yes, or taking the book and reading ahead. Too often my daughter chooses those yucky I refuse to buy but we have taken out of the library book. You know the ones, Disney redos or cartoon characters or some such. YUCK!!!!

But I pulled Alice off the shelf with little hope that she would actually like it when I started reading. Just too much time and too little pictures for my can't sit still child.

I am so happy I was wrong.

What books do you enjoy reading to your kids and have you ever been pleseantly surprised by their interest in a particular book?
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Good Listening

Short Cummings Audio are short, witty, family/worksafe weekly essay on life and living.

Kevin Cummings willl have you chuckling with familiarity of it all; the true comedy of marital and family life, and the foolish things we as humans do. He talks about kids, spouses and life in general, kind of a male Erma Bombeck.

Whether you are stuck with a weeks worth of dishes, laundry that hasn't been folded since you had to clear the couch for the last birthday party, or just plain bored, tune in and be amused.
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The Monkey's Got It

Whatever I have.
Yesterday as we were getting ready for Shabbat I glanced over at the Monkey and saw she was laying on the couch. "She's sick" I thought to myself. A few minutes later she was asleep. I knew it then. I carried her up to my bed settled her in, which basically woke her up, and snuggled against her.

"My throat hurts" she moaned.
"I know" I sympathise
"My head hurts"
"mmmmmmm" I stroke her cheek.
"My cheeks hurt"
"uhhuh" I stroke her hair.
"My eyes hurt"
"Sweetie" More stroking and sympathetic clucking...
"My teeth hurt...my legs hurt...my back hurts...my stomach hurts...."

Yep she had it.
Poor darling was in abject misery. I gave her a dexamol (Israeli version of a tylenol) and some water. Finally she slept a bit...woke up in time to come down for dinner. I carried her down, went into the other room, and just as she was going to sit down...

"She threw up!" my husband called...

The dexamol and the water. I carried her back upstairs and settled her into my bed. Dh brought kiddush up to her, and soup, I brought up a bit of rice. That's all the poor Monkey could tolerate.

Today she seemed pretty okay, but now she has a fever again.

Worse than being sick myself is my kids being ill.
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I keep getting sick, one weird virus or cold or flu after the other. I'm so sick of being ill.
I've had a viscious cough all day, my eyes ache, my head is congested, my throat is sore and I am tired.

My dh is bringing me decongestant. I hope that helps.

Meanwhile the house is falling apart, the girls aren't getting their work done and Shabbat isn't even begun.
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RPG anyone?

Do any of my friends/readers play RPG games? If so which ones? Are there games that you could recommend for a teenager? I want clean sites; places my daughter (13) could play without being hit by garbage.

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What's Your Recurrent Nightmare?

I have this one, it takes different forms, where I get stuck in an ever narrowing tunnel. Can't back out can't get forward.
I wake up in the proverbial sweats and I have to keep assuring myself that I'm not going to get stuck in a tunnel somewhere, I hope, please G-d.

Wish I knew what it meant....

So do you all have a nightmare that keeps coming back that you don't mind sharing? Do you know what getting stuck in a tunnel is suppose to mean?

And yes, of course I had it last night.
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