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My House is a Disaster!!!

Things in boxes in the kitchen, things that I've swept up from uncleaned for who wants to admit how long corners of the room now conversing in the center of the room (so, where have you been all along, one useless plastic toy asks the other)Laundry waiting to be washed, waiting to be sorted and folded, waiting to be put away, dishes filling the sinnk....

Yes it is Pesach cleaning time, and we are down to the wire now. I want to be fully Pesadik come Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

We have come so far, but of course, there is that age old problem, at least for most of us, how to clean the room with the most chametz, and that needs the most work while still feeding the family.

btw, for people who think a stainless steel stove is easier to clean....think again. I wish I could do what a friend does and simply have a set of burners just for Pesach....

Oh well....

We are getting there.

I'm going to clean that not-easier-to-clean stove top again tomorrow...I cleaned it last week, but as I have no counter room, well the stove top sometimes does double duty.

I did hire someone (and hopefully she will remember and hopefully she will come) for about two hours next Wednesday. I need the extra help, and being sick I need it.

back to your regularly scheduled program.
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Who Am I?

Okay, this is not a quiz, it is sort of a philosophical rant.

So I'm trying to get on to this list you see? And one of the chafe from the wheat questions was:
Tell us a little about you?

Well, a question I loathe. I mean where am I suppose to start? With my kids and dh? How lucky I feel to have moved to Israel? When I had my second and tore so badly the only way I could pee without pain was to pee in the shower (advice of my midwife, don't get all grossed out) That I like broccoli and cheese mixed together, nice and hot? That I can't for the life of me do cryptic crosswords and have, decided, in order to assuage my sense that I'm an utter idiot, have decided EVERYONE WHO CAN DO THEM CHEATS! Okay, I know they don't and if you can solve them I feel very jealous of you!

Here's what I did write.
...I hate shoes, love hot water, can't stand the cold, drink as much coffee as possible, love my kids, love playing various games (hashi is my current fave). They are probably thinking, gosh don't let that idiot in!

But really? What to say? How to explain in a few words who I am and what I am that has any real meaning to it?

Schools and businesses and the like always ask such questions. What they really mean is "how are you going to benefit us?" I don't think they care about the "you" as a person. Everyone considers the question so wise and the answers are always so fake, in the end really, beacuase no matter what you say you are only giving them a part of yourself. That is all of course you can ever give.

I'll let you know if I get in though with my wimpy, end of the day answers I doubt if they'll like me. But you never know.....
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So, Was I Wrong?

Should I have done otherwise?

My daughter, the Artist, has two friends who have been fighting over her. Originally these two girls, call them Shana and Temmimah, were friends. But then they stopped being friends. My daughter, originally was friends with Shana. Temmimah moved into the neighborhood, after the breakup between Shana and Temmimah, and The Artist became friends with Temmmimah.

School that year proved a disaster. Temmimah and Shana got into many fights and scrapes, my daughter was often in the middle.

This year as she is homeschooling I figured the wars would ease. Also, Shana moved up the hill, so most of the time The Artist is playing with Temmimah.

Shabbat; unannounced Shana came down to play with The Artist. The Artist was already playing with Temmimah, and wouldn't entertain the idea of playing with both girls. I sent The Monkey over to get The Artist and to talk with her, so that at least she could know Shana was there trying to see her. The Artist talked, and became unhappy, Temmimah noticed, the two girls talked and Shana and my daughter came back to my house to work things out. Temmimah expressed the fact that she had no hard feelings to Shana, and when I told her to tell that to Shana herself, she did. She left my daughter and Temmimah to play, but then came back to tell Shana and my daughter that her father said both girls could play at her house. ie, she was offering, imho, the hand of friendship, and very nicely too, especially for a teen. But Shana would have none of it, refused to try, stated that it would be a long time before she would accept the other girls apology (I got the image of Temmimah having to jump through hoops) claimed she couldn't and eventually walked away in a huff.

Well, I feel bad for Shana, but really it seems to me she had a golden opportunity to make peace, even if she wouldn't have a friendship and that the Artist had every right to go play with Temmmimah, that Temmmimah had every right to go play with the Artist (they had a wonderful afternoon together) and that even if she walked down here, and had no one else to play with the ball was totally in her court and it was her loss.

But there is a nagging edge of guilt. I also wonder if I shouldn't call Shana's mom and explain what happened lest Shana tells what isn't exactly the truth.

Or just leave it and not worry anymore?
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What an Idiot I am

I haven't been getting my messages, thought no one was responding...grrr....

I have it set up so messages go to my mail box. That way, even if I'm busy I can see someone wrote and go see and talk. Oh welll...I'm not deliberately ignoring people. Got to go change my settings.....
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That's a way of saying the Monkey has lice again. I know, it means she's popular. But can't she just get little candies from all her friends?

Really G-d, what is the reason for lice? Give me one good thing they have done for the world. Just one!!!!!!and I'll shut up.

Oh and for those who are artistic, what if you, I mean me, have great art ideas but are all thumbs? Can I get anywhere with the idea for a product if I can't, myself make the product myself?
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So What's Your Dosage?

I'm  up to about 6 or 7 a day, which apparently is a healthy amount. Even 10 a day would be okay. More than that I'm not sure, but all the time I'm getting my fix I'm reducing my risk of diabetes AND helping my teeth.

The wonder drug of choice COFFEE!!!!

Add to that the wonder benefits of red wine and chocolate, and you've got one happy lady!!!
Especially if I can get my hands on one of these.
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I haven't posted in two weeks?
I could lie and say it was because I was ultra busy but the real reason is posted here.zhot_ani It is the aliens fault. Dang those lava loving aliens.

I've discovered I'm not loved. At least on IMAMOTHER. No one wants to meet me. At least no one said they wanted to meet me. I'm going to go weep and mope a bit.

Back.  What they are afraid I'll smell? I change my underwear and shower daily!!!!! HRMPH!!!!

Anyway, if you are Jewish and a mom (especially if you'll say you want to meet me :-) ) it is a nice place to hang out. Go check it out.

Meanwhile, we are showing progress on the getting ready for bed part of life. The Monkey, age almost 8 (March) got out all her clothes for school tomorrow way before bedtime! Okay, all the clothes besides her shirt, underwear and stockings. Yeah, that does leave just the skirt but it is a start. At least tomorrow morning I won't be tearing through in the clean clothes baskets trying to find a clean skirt!

And I think Dina, the returned kitty is pregnant. Great. I don't know that they will make it, she was so sickly beforehand.

Not much else.

Oh, and I may be helping start up a new business in our area. Anyone with advice on how to go about it smart, lmk.

Got to get to bed early tonight. Last night I went to bed at 1 am and woke at 6:30. My eyes feel like they are sinking into my cheeks.
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My Parents Are Psychic

They always know exactly the worst time to call....

and somehow manage to call me then.

Like last night. I was just getting the Monkey ready for bed. Well, nudgying her to get to bed. She has five more minutes and then she is in bed, and there is snuggle time and hopefully she'll fall asleep before dawn.

And my parents call.

Now I know if I told them to call us 10 or so our time, that they would do so just as the lights went out and I had to stumble through a dark house trying to find the phone. Or, I'd just be getting into the shower. Or I would have to pee really bad. Or the other phone (cell phone) would have rung and I'd be trying to talk on two phones at once.

It doesn't fail.

And I like to talk with my parents!!!!

I just wish they'd lose this psychic abiltity already.
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How RPG and Shabbat Guests Got me My Cat Back

For those that don't read my other blog; for the past three weeks my cat Dina has been missing. Somehow she and her sister, Midnight, managed to open (or were let out) from a mostly closed window and a closed screen. Midnight, who was pregnant at the time came back the next morning.

No sign of Dina.

We called, we posted a community e-mail, we kept our eyes out for her.

Three weeks went by.

I'm having overnight company for Shabbat. She is a recent Oleh, came here at the end of December with Nefesh B'Nefesh. We have been corresponding awhile by e-mail.

So I started cleaning the kitchen last night rather than today.

Which means I wanted the garbage out.

Asked the Agent. He was amenable but not right then, he was in the middle of a game, and could I not leave it in the salon? Could I put it out the door?

I didn't want to do that because the strays might get into the garbage and distribute it over the walk to the house. Not very fun.

So I took it out. Threw on a tichel and trudged down the block to the garbage bin.

Just in time to see a calico's rear disappearing into the bin.


She mewed at me from inside the bin but didn't come. Was it her? Or a look-alike? I was afraid to put my hands into the bin and draw her out lest I get scratched by a stray. Called dh who was on his way home from his (night)job. Went back home. Returned. Called her again and this time she managed to climb out from the bin, reached out her paw to pull me close rubbed her head against me and climbed on my shoulders and head.

She rode me most of the way home, jumping off twice, and jumping off when we got to the door.

She is so happy to be with us!!!!

Midnight is a little less sanguine, being forced to give up her rule of the roost, but they are starting to reconnect.

Dina is skinny, has a mild eye irritation, and a weak cry. She picked the worst time to go and get herself lost outside; snow, rain and cold being the main rule these last three weeks.

But she is back home now. And if it weren't for a Shabbat guest and RPG game, and oh of course Hashem, I wouldn't have her home.

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