hindarochel (hindarochel) wrote,

Met up with kmelion today and headed out to Kever Rochel. This was my first time going there in all the years I have lived here, or visited (basically since 2000). 

The experience was wonderful. I didn't realize how close it was to Jerusalem; really a hop skip and a jump away.  The Kever is surrounded by walls and within a building to keep the terrorist away, and the bus drops us off and the door to the building is kept locked till the bus returns about a 1/2 later.

1/2 an hour is really not enough time to sit and pray and contemplate.

One odd thing; while we were there they blew shofar. I don't know if this is normal or something special was going on but I was glad to be there for it.

I said Tehilim for family and friends,, and before I knew it the bus was back and we had to leave.

Then we went on to the Kotel.  I love it there. I am always amazed at its beauty and how so many people, regardless of level of observance gather and pray.  Each time I go I am overwhelmed with joy.

My next goal is to get out to Kever  HaMachpalah...
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