hindarochel (hindarochel) wrote,

My House is a Disaster!!!

Things in boxes in the kitchen, things that I've swept up from uncleaned for who wants to admit how long corners of the room now conversing in the center of the room (so, where have you been all along, one useless plastic toy asks the other)Laundry waiting to be washed, waiting to be sorted and folded, waiting to be put away, dishes filling the sinnk....

Yes it is Pesach cleaning time, and we are down to the wire now. I want to be fully Pesadik come Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

We have come so far, but of course, there is that age old problem, at least for most of us, how to clean the room with the most chametz, and that needs the most work while still feeding the family.

btw, for people who think a stainless steel stove is easier to clean....think again. I wish I could do what a friend does and simply have a set of burners just for Pesach....

Oh well....

We are getting there.

I'm going to clean that not-easier-to-clean stove top again tomorrow...I cleaned it last week, but as I have no counter room, well the stove top sometimes does double duty.

I did hire someone (and hopefully she will remember and hopefully she will come) for about two hours next Wednesday. I need the extra help, and being sick I need it.

back to your regularly scheduled program.
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