hindarochel (hindarochel) wrote,

Who Am I?

Okay, this is not a quiz, it is sort of a philosophical rant.

So I'm trying to get on to this list you see? And one of the chafe from the wheat questions was:
Tell us a little about you?

Well, a question I loathe. I mean where am I suppose to start? With my kids and dh? How lucky I feel to have moved to Israel? When I had my second and tore so badly the only way I could pee without pain was to pee in the shower (advice of my midwife, don't get all grossed out) That I like broccoli and cheese mixed together, nice and hot? That I can't for the life of me do cryptic crosswords and have, decided, in order to assuage my sense that I'm an utter idiot, have decided EVERYONE WHO CAN DO THEM CHEATS! Okay, I know they don't and if you can solve them I feel very jealous of you!

Here's what I did write.
...I hate shoes, love hot water, can't stand the cold, drink as much coffee as possible, love my kids, love playing various games (hashi is my current fave). They are probably thinking, gosh don't let that idiot in!

But really? What to say? How to explain in a few words who I am and what I am that has any real meaning to it?

Schools and businesses and the like always ask such questions. What they really mean is "how are you going to benefit us?" I don't think they care about the "you" as a person. Everyone considers the question so wise and the answers are always so fake, in the end really, beacuase no matter what you say you are only giving them a part of yourself. That is all of course you can ever give.

I'll let you know if I get in though with my wimpy, end of the day answers I doubt if they'll like me. But you never know.....
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