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I haven't posted in two weeks?
I could lie and say it was because I was ultra busy but the real reason is posted here.zhot_ani It is the aliens fault. Dang those lava loving aliens.

I've discovered I'm not loved. At least on IMAMOTHER. No one wants to meet me. At least no one said they wanted to meet me. I'm going to go weep and mope a bit.

Back.  What they are afraid I'll smell? I change my underwear and shower daily!!!!! HRMPH!!!!

Anyway, if you are Jewish and a mom (especially if you'll say you want to meet me :-) ) it is a nice place to hang out. Go check it out.

Meanwhile, we are showing progress on the getting ready for bed part of life. The Monkey, age almost 8 (March) got out all her clothes for school tomorrow way before bedtime! Okay, all the clothes besides her shirt, underwear and stockings. Yeah, that does leave just the skirt but it is a start. At least tomorrow morning I won't be tearing through in the clean clothes baskets trying to find a clean skirt!

And I think Dina, the returned kitty is pregnant. Great. I don't know that they will make it, she was so sickly beforehand.

Not much else.

Oh, and I may be helping start up a new business in our area. Anyone with advice on how to go about it smart, lmk.

Got to get to bed early tonight. Last night I went to bed at 1 am and woke at 6:30. My eyes feel like they are sinking into my cheeks.
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