January 8th, 2007

willow tree by princesstoots

My Parents Are Psychic

They always know exactly the worst time to call....

and somehow manage to call me then.

Like last night. I was just getting the Monkey ready for bed. Well, nudgying her to get to bed. She has five more minutes and then she is in bed, and there is snuggle time and hopefully she'll fall asleep before dawn.

And my parents call.

Now I know if I told them to call us 10 or so our time, that they would do so just as the lights went out and I had to stumble through a dark house trying to find the phone. Or, I'd just be getting into the shower. Or I would have to pee really bad. Or the other phone (cell phone) would have rung and I'd be trying to talk on two phones at once.

It doesn't fail.

And I like to talk with my parents!!!!

I just wish they'd lose this psychic abiltity already.
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