January 5th, 2007

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How RPG and Shabbat Guests Got me My Cat Back

For those that don't read my other blog; for the past three weeks my cat Dina has been missing. Somehow she and her sister, Midnight, managed to open (or were let out) from a mostly closed window and a closed screen. Midnight, who was pregnant at the time came back the next morning.

No sign of Dina.

We called, we posted a community e-mail, we kept our eyes out for her.

Three weeks went by.

I'm having overnight company for Shabbat. She is a recent Oleh, came here at the end of December with Nefesh B'Nefesh. We have been corresponding awhile by e-mail.

So I started cleaning the kitchen last night rather than today.

Which means I wanted the garbage out.

Asked the Agent. He was amenable but not right then, he was in the middle of a game, and could I not leave it in the salon? Could I put it out the door?

I didn't want to do that because the strays might get into the garbage and distribute it over the walk to the house. Not very fun.

So I took it out. Threw on a tichel and trudged down the block to the garbage bin.

Just in time to see a calico's rear disappearing into the bin.


She mewed at me from inside the bin but didn't come. Was it her? Or a look-alike? I was afraid to put my hands into the bin and draw her out lest I get scratched by a stray. Called dh who was on his way home from his (night)job. Went back home. Returned. Called her again and this time she managed to climb out from the bin, reached out her paw to pull me close rubbed her head against me and climbed on my shoulders and head.

She rode me most of the way home, jumping off twice, and jumping off when we got to the door.

She is so happy to be with us!!!!

Midnight is a little less sanguine, being forced to give up her rule of the roost, but they are starting to reconnect.

Dina is skinny, has a mild eye irritation, and a weak cry. She picked the worst time to go and get herself lost outside; snow, rain and cold being the main rule these last three weeks.

But she is back home now. And if it weren't for a Shabbat guest and RPG game, and oh of course Hashem, I wouldn't have her home.

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