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Small cats feel like a ton when they jump from a high height onto your stomach.

Now aren't you glad I told you that?

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Met up with kmelion today and headed out to Kever Rochel. This was my first time going there in all the years I have lived here, or visited (basically since 2000). 

The experience was wonderful. I didn't realize how close it was to Jerusalem; really a hop skip and a jump away.  The Kever is surrounded by walls and within a building to keep the terrorist away, and the bus drops us off and the door to the building is kept locked till the bus returns about a 1/2 later.

1/2 an hour is really not enough time to sit and pray and contemplate.

One odd thing; while we were there they blew shofar. I don't know if this is normal or something special was going on but I was glad to be there for it.

I said Tehilim for family and friends,, and before I knew it the bus was back and we had to leave.

Then we went on to the Kotel.  I love it there. I am always amazed at its beauty and how so many people, regardless of level of observance gather and pray.  Each time I go I am overwhelmed with joy.

My next goal is to get out to Kever  HaMachpalah...
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I DID NOT Teach Her This!

According to my eight year old women are better than men because women can have babies and you only need two or three men. She is beneficient enough to grant life to her brothers, father, grandfathers and uncles and a few friends of the family and their sons. All other males; well I suppose when she takes over the world you'll have to try and appeal to her better nature. I would start writing your resume now.
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btw thanks

For all your caring messages about my father. Posted and I just got busy and didn't come back here...I didn't see the messages up and they didn't, for reasons I don't understand, come to my email box.